Mujeres Creando Comunidad

Because of ideological disagreements, Julieta Paredes split from Mujeres Creando in 2002 and created the group Mujeres Creando Comunidad, a collective of women committed to an ideology of communitarian feminism that engages in many of the same methodologies as Mujeres Creando, but from an indigenous lens that is more connected with the realities people are living.  This is continuity with Mujeres Creando is evident in the graffiti shown above, which can be translated to “Obedience, it is your fault that I will be happy” (retrieved from Julieta Paredes, an Aymara woman, centers this identity, as well as her lesbianism, in her work with Mujeres Creando Comunidad, drawing from her indigenous roots as well as being critical of the patriarchal structures present in these roots.  In addition to graffiti messages, Mujeres Creando Comunidad operates from a pedagogical and communal space called Café Carcajada, and it has a TV program called Despatriarcalizacion ¡ya!, which discusses issues of feminism and social justice.  Feminism is often seen as a radical ideology so that people struggle to see past the perceived extremism of it and to understand how it is related to them and to social justice (Paredes 2011). Communitarian feminism represents an attempt to overcome such perceptions, and it operates under the assumption that in order to build a community, one must draw from the knowledges and practices that already exist within a community. In doing so, one ensures that whatever a community gains at a national level will actually benefit the people from whence it came (Alfaro 2008-2010). Thus, much of what this group does is dependent upon using existing knowledges and subverting them to creatively generate new knowledges that build off the old. It exists on a macro and micro scale, simultaneously looking for individual and collective transformations in order to fight oppressive systems that exist both internally and externally (Alfaro 2008-2010).

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