Mujeres Creando: Creative Resistance

The ideology and practices of Mujeres Creando is grounded in anarchism and feminism; thus, the group actively opposes all power structures which operate by oppressing certain types of bodies.  One of their graffiti messages calls attention to this fact: “No adentro de la galeria / No adentro de la institucion / No adentro de la obediencia / No adentro de la aceptacion / No adentro de la legitimación / No adentro del sistema” (García-Pabón 2003).  In English: Not within the gallery, Not within the institution, Not within obedience, Not within acceptance, Not within legitimation, Not within the system.  With these words, Mujeres Creando asserts that it operates outside of all systems of power, deriving power from its own ability to create and imagine, not from a legitimacy granted by dominant institutions and ideologies.  In addition to questioning the degree to which change can be accomplished by legal means (Galindo 2012), Mujeres Creando calls attention to the universality of patriarchy across the political spectrum.  Another one of their graffiti messages says: “No hay nada más parecido a un machista de derecha, que un machista de izquierda y los indígenos, la misma pistola” (Mujeres Creando 2005). In English: There is nothing more similar to a machista from the right than a machista from the left, and indigenous men the same gun.  Faced with patriarchal oppression in all existing political structures, Mujeres Creando operates outside of these structures, claiming their own space to create a system in which women are in control of their own collective reality, and where they can actively resist spaces where this is not the case.  Outside of dominant patriarchal structures, Mujeres Creando exerts their subjectivity, both linguistically and socially (García-Pabón 2003).

The photo above was retrieved from  It depicts an action taken by Mujeres Creando in which they call out President Evo Morales for his machismo and the ways that his personal life, his unclaimed children, have political ramifications.  This is just one example of the actions Mujeres Creando takes to resist oppressive power systems in all of its forms.

Theo Bonin, “Presentacion de los hijos de Evo Morales,” 2016, doors of the Ministry of Justice, La Paz, Bolivia

The photo below is part of a series of graphic murals made during a workshop offered by Mujeres Creando. Each cartoon aims to call attention to and resist the objectification of women. None of the women who painted these images is an artist.

Esther Argollo y Danitza Luna,”No acepto se cosificada,” 2015, Medellin, Columbia  retrieved from 

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